Plugin Description

With vars you can define name-value associations from the admin.

Then, in your content you can insert
and get value displayed.

Useful if you have a value (a phone number, number of employees) in several pages that can change, so you can change this once from the admin.

It integrates into TinyMCE by adding a menu (compatible also with TinyMCE v.5).

You can choose which users can manage vars.

Look at the screenshots.

Shortcodes everywhere

There is also an option (that affects every shortcode in your site) to display shortcodes in areas where normally they are not.

  • single_post_title
  • the_title
  • widget_text
  • widget_title
  • bloginfo
  • get_post_metadata


Security menu

If running ClassicPress 1.1.0 or newer those settings are moved to the Security menu: choose which users can manage vars, what to do with vars when uninstalling and apply shortcodes everywhere


If you would like to use in your theme/plugin
and get value displayed.


There is a filter called vars_output

An example to capitalize the output.

function vars_output_upper( $string ) {
    return strtoupper( $string );
add_filter( 'vars_output', 'vars_output_upper' );

An example to use it to exec PHP code. Dangerous, don’t do it.
You have to open and close php tags in your string.

function vars_output_exec_php( $string ) {
    eval( "?>" . $string ." " );
    $evalContent = ob_get_contents();
    return $evalContent;
add_filter( 'vars_output', 'vars_output_exec_php' );



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