Icons for CP

Plugin Description

This plugin allows to use SVG icons in post and pages.

Add new icons

Just use the “Icons” menu in “Appearance” menu.
Add your own icons or any from FontAwesome to the theme.

Put the name of the icon as the title (use something like my-brand-icon) and the SVG as the post.

Note: if you uninstall the plugin your icons get lost.
To keep them add define('KEEP_ICONS_FOR_CP', true); to wp-config.php.

Shortcode and MCE menu

[ifcp-icon icon='paw' size='16' color='#FF0000' class='my-wonderful-class']

Size (width, default 16px), color and class are optional.

It also adds a menu to TinyMCE (v. 4 and v.5) to choose the icon and insert the shortcode for you.


This plugin integrates with Canuck CP theme, that is no more available.
Your icons are added to those present in the theme, and those present in the theme are available.


It is supported.
Use wp help icons or wp help icons add to see usage instructions.
You can bulk import a folder with a simple script like

for icon in *.svg; do
	wp icons add "$icon";