• DebugPress: Debugger in a Popup

    DebugPress is an easy-to-use plugin that implements popups for debugging and profiling website pages with support for intercepting AJAX requests.

  • WP Version Modifier for CP

    Allows Spoofing the WP Version to Install and Troubleshoot Plugins and Themes in ClassicPress.

  • ClassicPress Directory Integration

    Install and update plugins from ClassicPress directory and keep ClassicPress themes updated.

  • Backdrop Custom Portfolio

    a very basic portfolio

  • Update Manager

    Push updates for your ClassicPress plugins and themes from GitHub or other remote sources.

  • Taxonomy Index

    Description Displays index of Categories/Tags or other taxonomy types using taxonomy-index Shortcode. Example use: [taxonomy-index taxonomy='category' ...

  • Tag Cloud

    Description The plugin integrates with the standard ClassicPress tag cloud, but allows tags to be excluded and easy control of other settings such as ...

  • Shortcodes In Widgets

    Description Allows shortcodes to be used in HTML widgets. This plugin is multisite compatible. Installation Installation Instructions Download the la ...

  • Disable FLoC

    Description Disable Google's next-gen tracking technology Have you ever heard of "Federated Learning of Cohorts" – or FLoC? It is Google's next-gene ...

  • Check Plugin Status

    Description This plugin allows you to check the status of plugins on your site: Are they in the WordPress Repository. Do they use a 3rd party update ...

  • SMTP

    Description Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP) plugin will intercept the standard wp_mail and send emails via an SMTP server using PHPMAILER. When ...

  • Theme Switcher

    Description Allows users to easily switch themes (ideal for allowing light/dark mode). Theme switcher functionality is made available to users via a w ...