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CC Plugin Checker Information

A quick way to check WC plugin compatibility with Classic Commerce. Useful if you are considering migrating from WC to CC.

Plugin Developer
Simply Computing
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Current Plugin Version
Minimum CP Version
Classic Commerce is a fork of WooCommerce 3.5.3 so the plugins that you are currently using with your WC installation should also work with CC provided they are compatible with WP 4.9 or earlier and WC 3.5.3 or earlier (and don’t rely on JetPack or WooCommerce Services). It’s easy enough to find the minimum required WP version of a plugin, but the minimum WC version is a lot harder to track down. It is tucked away in the meta information in the plugin header, but a lot of people might not know where to look, or are not comfortable poking around in the files. So, the team at ClassicPress have devised a small plugin to make the job much easier. The CC Plugin Checker gives you a quick way to look at the “WC requires at least” tags on all your WC plugins.